Home Seller’s Inspection

Are you planning to sell your home?

  • Are you comfortable with its condition?
  • Are you confident it’s ready to sell?

Communicate to buyers your knowledge of your home’s condition.

A house that has been sold after a home inspection

This proactive inspection becomes a tool to help you decide what, if any, changes, repairs, or upgrades will deliver the best return.

If there are concerns with any of the home’s major systems, you will have the time to get competitive estimates for the things you choose to repair or even replace.

You set the timetable for getting your home into top selling condition—so you can get the best price, and sell your home quickly.

By choosing to have a home seller’s inspection, you will know the current condition of the home’s major systems, including:

  • heating and cooling,
  • electrical, structural and plumbing,
  • walls and trim,
  • roof, driveway, walkways, and decks.

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